Based on the 10 criterias, Propnex intended audiences are the young and the savvy. Their purpose is similar to that of the previous two, which is to help buyers and sellers on property related matters. For accuracy and credibility, Propnex use the CEO, Ismail Gafoor to endorse the website. Ismail is a well-known figure in the real estate industry. Loading speed wise, Propnex is fast due to their light concept which is suitable for mobile viewing. Navigation wise is good, with a few buttons to handle to get to the intended page. Propnex uses Space concept to create a very pleasing visual appeal. The Layouts and placement of elements are in boxes to ease the navigation. Due to the Space concept, readability is good. The slogan Your Trust is Our Priority is clearly brought forward. The color blue is adopted for their website.

Propnex website concept is quite similar to that of OrangeTee. They are trying to make their website un-cluttered with information. They are capitalizing on their CEO, Ismail Gafoor, who is well-known in the local real estate industry. They are using it effectively by not overdoing it. Propnex color theme is mainly blue. The use of color as well as the visual appeal is quite similar to that of Orangetee.