Based on the 10 criterias, ERA intended audiences are more for the matured adults. The website is designed more for desktops rather than mobile. The purpose of the website is similar to that of Orangetee, that is, to help buyers and sellers in property related matters. ERA also uses the reviews from their clients to make their site more accurate and credible. Loading speed wise is slower than that of Orangetee. Navigation can be quite complicated due to having too much info on the FrontPage. Visual appeal is not as great as there are too many people appear on the FrontPage. Their layout and placement of elements do not make use of the Space concept thus make the website look cluttered. Readability wise, ERA has too much words on the pages. Color Red is used as their color theme.

At a glance, you will notice that the corporate color of ERA is red. They use a lot of red in their website. Unlike OrangeTee, ERA tried to pack in too much information in their website. It gives a cluttered feel and it’s not as attractive as Orangetee website. The choice of color and the visual appeal is not as good as that of Orangetee. ERA website is not easy to navigate. It’s not easy to find the navigation menu as it is situated at the bottom of the page. ERA can improve by using the concept of SPACE and use more of the high contrast colors, for example, black and while and shades of grey. They should concentrate looking for some uncluttered photo with less people so that the audience attention are more focus. ERA should put the navigational menu on top of the homepage for ease of navigation.