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Orangetee Review

The frontpage is very neat. The company slogan is very clear - Keener sense of Real Estate. One will also notice that the color theme of the website is orange. Orangetee uses a lot of SPACE in the website to draw the audience attention to its main purpose – that is property search. Besides Space, the color ORANGE is carefully selected to give an attractive feel.

To assess the site based on the 10 criterias, Orangetee is targeting the young and the savvy. The site is also targeting mobile users with its light easy to navigate theme. The purpose of the site is to help the audience look for a property as a buyer or engage their services with their agents. It is basically a one stop solution to all your property needs. In terms of accuracy, the site has this Property Agent Reviews, a third party review to make the site more credible. Loading speed wise, extremely responsive. Navigational wise, very easy with very minimum button. All the rest of the details is hide inside one button. The website also uses a lot of Space to create the visual appeal. Layout and placement of elements are carefully done on the FrontPage of the website. Due to the Space concept, readability is great. Messages and slogan are clearly put across. Color theme is Orange which is in line with the company name OrangeTee.

Here's a screen shot of the home page of Orangetee.com


All the vital information is in the frontpage. As scroll down the page, you will notice that the target audience are from the consumers (buyers and sellers), the agents and the job seekers looking for a 9 to 5 job. What makes Orangetee stands out from its competitors is the property agents review button. The buyers and sellers can review the agents who have served them. This feature is the first of its kind in the industry.

The first page has all the important information such as highlighting the company other services such as oversea projects, valuation and research. Other features at a glance are their featured projects, work@home and a short video telling the audience who Orangetee is.